Help when it matters most

We believe in the power of a simple idea:everyone deserves help when they're trying to get well.

We help patients and their families find support when they need it most.

    With free personalized service recommendations and an optional gift registry (what we call the ‘Wellistry’) Wellist creates a support network of resources and loved ones. We've spent months working with nurses, clinicians, and social workers from top healthcare providers, as well as patients and families to create a database of over 25 categories of helpful services. We have personally connected with each of the 3,500 (and counting!) services we list to ensure quality and gather important information so that our users can easily select the ones that best meet their needs.

    Our users start by creating an account, setting preferences (including price range, location, and other detailed options), and saving the types of services they’re looking for. We also offer the option of sharing select services through our Wellistry feature, allowing their community a meaningful way to help no matter where they are.     

    Wellist helps our healthcare clients extend the degree of support they provide patients and families by offering them a tool that reduces patient and caregiver stress, removes barriers to adherence, and increases satisfaction.

Meet the team:

Our story and mission:

    We know first-hand how important it is to take care of yourself and your family when faced with changing health conditions. During major life events, the last thing you should need to worry about is how to get to the next appointment, who is going to watch the dog, or how to get a healthy meal on the table.   
    That's why we created Wellist. 

  Wellist was born out of a desire to help people focus on the important things, like their health, their friends, and their loved ones. This desire also drives the mission of Wellist.

   As a mission-oriented company, we share five important qualities that we call “REETA”. We are Refreshing, Empathetic, Empowering, Trustworthy and Adaptable. We do our best to represent these values so we can give our community the support, respect, and compassion that everyone deserves. All this is done to make certain that you can live as comfortable and healthy a life as possible.

   No matter who you are, Wellist has the resources to help make your life easier.

We believe that empathy, knowledge and trust can conquer uncertainty and fear. We believe in connecting  people to exactly what they need and not trying to overwhelm them with what they don’t.

To us, you’re not patients recovering from an illness; you're mothers, fathers, friends, and family who need understanding and guidance.

We believe that the best technology is built on a foundation of kindness.

Wellist Explanation Video

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Wellist is a complimentary service offered by UPMC Hillman Cancer Center to its patients. UPMC Hillman Cancer Center does not endorse any of the services or vendors suggested or referred by Wellist. Further, the lists of services and vendors provided by Wellist are not exhaustive and many similar services and vendors are likely available to patients.  Services and vendors mentioned or omitted do not constitute endorsement or disregard.  Patients are solely responsible for determining if a particular service or vendor is acceptable.  UPMC Hillman Cancer Center assumes no liability for any patient’s use of Wellist or any of its referred services or vendors.

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