Patients and Caregivers: would you like more support?

January 9, 2018
Healthy Living
When was the last time you asked for help?

It was probably for something small, maybe something you could have done yourself. The idea here is to avoid being a bother or even (and this is often the case for myself) not wanting to ask for hand out.

But ironically when you really need help it’s tough to ask. Especially when you think what you’re asking for is a lot. After all, you don’t want to be a burden, right?

Or if it’s something that would help you in a practical way, but doesn’t feel right to ask a friend. Think of the stories in the book “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande (a wonderfully written book, be on the lookout for our post on it!) about how Americans approach their end of life care. In many examples, the support needed is intimate and could be considered embarrassing to some.

But people accept it because it allows them to live as comfortably and independently as possible. This is the type of support that usually isn’t done by a friend, but is exactly the type of meaningful and practical gift that would most help the recipient.

Now think to a time when someone you knew got sick, broke a bone, or was just feeling overwhelmed by something in their life.

You wanted to do everything you could to help out.

Yet because they were afraid of being a burden they didn’t ask for what they really needed. You got them a thoughtful gift, and that’s a wonderful way to let someone know you care -- sometimes just hearing from you can turn their whole day around.

But you also wanted to do something more. You wanted to make their life easier. It may have even been frustrating to want to help but not know how to help out. It is also was tough to strike the balance between wanting to spend quality time with your loved one and needing to give them their needed support.

Something like a book is definitely nice and a great gift, and I don’t want to go out there and say, “Stop buying gifts!” But research shows that getting material gifts make you less happy than experiential ones or practical gifts that give you more free time.

These are the reasons Wellist created the Wellistry. The Wellistry is a gift registry that lets you share a collection of the services that will help you the most. Unlike other crowdfunding websites, Wellist is 100% free to use and 100% of the gifts go directly to you. You can now give and receive help no matter where you are, so there’s no limit to who you can get involved.

Create a Wellistry for yourself and give others the gift of helping out. Or, create a Wellistry for a friend and help them get more free time.

Use the Wellistry’s free online crowdfunding to coordinate practical and flexible support so you get to spend more of your time with friends and family. For a limited time, when you sign up receive $15 in your Wellistry to get you started.

Make yours at no cost today.

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