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January 9, 2018
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The moment you or a loved one hear the news, time stops.

A chronic illness like cancer can make life very difficult. 

Beyond health-related concerns, the anxiety of a patient and their family is compounded with a rapidly growing to do list: find a support group, get a wig, research complementary and alternative therapies, get to the pharmacy, find in-home help, clean the house, do the laundry, go to church, research financial assistance programs, prepare dinner for the family, find transportation, get a dog walker...the list goes on and on and on! 

I've seen the people I love most struggle to shoulder this incredible burden in times of challenge. I know we can do more to lessen their suffering. 

Our Solution for Patients and Their Families

Wellist is on a mission to make life easier for patients and their families. We've thought a lot about the problems you might face and so we built an online resource that offers personalized service recommendations and a gift registry to help members get support -- making a whole lot simpler for those who are sick and those who want help. We're in this together. 

We're a young company but we are mighty. We're committed to building a best-in-class solution that brings together hospitals, service providers, friends and families to support patients in times of need.  We've been lucky to have the incredible support of early sponsors like MGH Cancer Center and Quest Diagnostics to help us get off the ground.  But we're just getting started and have a lot to learn. 

We ask you to sign up today and join us in our quest.

With Gratitude,


(In honor of my Mom)

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