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Wellist helps patients connect to the non-medical resources they need

With Wellist, patients have access to a website and call center, powered by a directory of over 2,000 services across Western Pennsylvania. Patients can connect to the resources that are best equipped to help them whether it's condition-specific offerings, free/subsidized services, or local resources.

Patient Support Specialist

If you have a patient with non-medical needs, our support team would love to help.

What people have said about Wellist

"We traveled to a new city for treatment, and getting recommendations for ways to relax outside of the hospital made us feel like people again, not just patients."

- Husband, theater goer, caregiver

"Wellist helped me get in touch with child care centers for my kids much faster than I could have on my own. I would never have known these resources existed"

- Mother of 6, football fan, caregiver

"When my diagnosis required me to change my eating habits, Wellist listened to my needs gave me choices that made me feel like I had options again."

- Grandmother, food lover, patient

“I wanted to tell you a success story. The patient you helped with transportation has been in daily for the past 2 weeks. This is a FIRST for her, and no doubt due to your help. We discussed at the staff meeting, so all knew the impact made by you and Wellist.”

- Practice Manager, Radiation Oncology, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

“Wellist has helped our patients discover much needed resources to assist them during their treatment journey.  The patient portal is easy to navigate and provides patients the opportunity to see what is available in their area.  From helping patients seek financial assistance help to massages to transportation, Wellist has been an exceptional partner for the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center”

- Jim Sinicki, MBA, RT
Associate Director of Operations Radiation Oncology, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Did you know Wellist has over 500 free and subsidized services?

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Wellist is a complimentary service offered by UPMC Hillman Cancer Center to its patients. UPMC Hillman Cancer Center does not endorse any of the services or vendors suggested or referred by Wellist. Further, the lists of services and vendors provided by Wellist are not exhaustive and many similar services and vendors are likely available to patients.  Services and vendors mentioned or omitted do not constitute endorsement or disregard.  Patients are solely responsible for determining if a particular service or vendor is acceptable.  UPMC Hillman Cancer Center assumes no liability for any patient’s use of Wellist or any of its referred services or vendors.

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