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Has a patient ever reached out to you with a specific need that you didn't have the time or resources to answer? That's where Wellist comes in. We've been able to help with everything, from finding someone a bird-friendly hotel during treatment, to gluten-free and kosher meal delivery, to a new pair of shoes, to helping someone find love (really!). When you tell your patients about Wellist, they're given access to a personalized list of resources that fit their unique needs, curated from a database of over 5,000 services. Your patients can keep track of and contact services, enlist the support of their community at home, and keep in touch with loved ones. You also have access to our dedicated support team via phone at 855-WELLIST (855-935-5478) or email at

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Wellist is a complimentary service offered by UPMC Hillman Cancer Center to its patients. UPMC Hillman Cancer Center does not endorse any of the services or vendors suggested or referred by Wellist. Further, the lists of services and vendors provided by Wellist are not exhaustive and many similar services and vendors are likely available to patients.  Services and vendors mentioned or omitted do not constitute endorsement or disregard.  Patients are solely responsible for determining if a particular service or vendor is acceptable.  UPMC Hillman Cancer Center assumes no liability for any patient’s use of Wellist or any of its referred services or vendors.

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